ARCHDAILY – Oppenheim creates secluded Swiss resort to frame mountain views

04 August 2020 By: Eric Baldwin “Oppenheim Architecture has completed the design for a resort in Ticino, southern Switzerland. Overlooking Lago Maggiore, the resort arises from the varied landscape of Alpine peaks and dense forests. Comprising over 100 private residences, a boutique hotel, and spa and wellness environment, the design embraces the region’s unique landscapes and ecologies across three sites.” Read the full article on the ArchDaily website. Image Credit: Oppenheim Architecture

DESIGNBOOM – Oppenheim Architecture mimics Switzerland’s hillside villages with Lago Maggiore Retreat

04 August 2020 By: Kat Barandy “Embedded into the hills, Oppenheim Architecture’s ‘Lago Maggiore Retreat’ is envisioned to arise from Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region of Ticino. The unique and varied region sees Alpine peaks and dense forests which slope down to meet a Mediterranean climate of palm-lined lakes, and Italian-influenced cultural and architectural traditions. . . . The design embraces the unique landscapes and ecologies of each site to ground the retreat in the spirit of its place.” Read the full […]

SLEEPER MAGAZINE – Oppenheim Architecture completes Lago Maggiore design

04 August 2020 “Miami and New York-based Oppenheim Architecture has revealed its design for Lago Maggiore Retreat – a 61-key boutique hotel in Ticino, a southern Swiss alpine region with Italian-inspired cultural and architectural traditions. . . . Lago Maggiore Retreat takes cues from local craft, alpine sensibilities and the Mediterranean microclimate it inhabits.” Read the full article on the Sleeper Magazine website. Image Credit: MIR

WALLPAPER* – A Caracas house is inspired by the Venezuelan jungle

09 April 2020 By: Ellie Stathaki “Miami based Oppenheim Architecture has collaborated with Caracas firm Croig Arquitectos on a new residential project in the Venezuelan capital. . . . [T]he design was inspired by the ragged, solid volumes of ruins that have been engulfed by jungle – an iconic image of ancient Central and South American sites.” Read the full article on the Wallpaper* website. Photo Credit: Saul Yuncoxar

Zen and the Art of Architecture with Chad Oppenheim | Virtual Community Gathering

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CLADnews – Oppenheim Architecture’s Bahamas eco-resort will bring guests closer to nature

09 March 2020 By: Stu Robarts “Oppenheim Architecture are creating an environmentally sustainable eco-resort in the Bahamas that is aimed at providing a secluded retreat for guests while helping them to develop a deeper connection with nature. illa Bimini will cover 40ac (16ha) along a 9,000ft (2,750m) stretch of coastline on Rockwell Island and is described as ‘a holistic community where every element is designed to blur the boundary between architecture and the landscape’.” Read the full article on the […]

BAUNETZ WISSEN features Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse

February 2020 Organically Shaped Concrete Shell As If It Were Growing Out Of The Ground “In an area that is characterized by desert and barren landscapes, a golf course looks like a place from another world. . . . The contrast to the stony-sandy Arava desert and the surrounding mountain landscape could not be greater. Two organically shaped structures on the golf course designed by Oppenheim Architecture nevertheless refer to the surrounding nature with their design and seem to incorporate […]

ARTECASALUGANO names Muttenz Water Purification Plant winner of the Swiss Prize for Sustainable Architecture

February 2020 Oppenheim Architecture is honored to have been selected by artecasalugano and award sponsor Raiffeisen as the recipient of the Swiss Prize for Sustainable Architecture for our work on the Muttenz Water Purification Plant. As defined on the artecasalugano website, the purpose of this award is to “encourage and support positive relationships between architecture, the environment and society[.] . . . Aimed at Swiss architects and design firms, the competition [highlights] the most advanced development projects, evaluating the reduction […]

ARCHINECT – Searching for the Elemental and Straight-Forward with Oppenheim Architecture

14 February 2020 By: Antonio Pacheco “The firm . . . is going strong after two decades of hard work, according to founder Chad Oppenheim, mainly because it allows the design team ‘to do projects the way we wanted to.’ Oppenheim adds, ‘The practice is much more about creating a platform for expression.’ That expression might take the shape of a high-rise, glass-walled condominium tower, a concrete-walled office complex, or even, a beautifully sculptural waste water treatment plant. Regardless, what […]

Chad Oppenheim talks LAIR in KCRW interview podcast

04 February 2020 Why movie villains have the best houses; Hosted by: Frances Anderton “Movie villains may want to blow up the planet. But they have great taste in architecture. . . . ‘What these lairs do [is] they show power, they show style, flair, they make the villain have this accessory that makes them seductive to all people and demonstrates their power[,’ Oppenheim said].” Listen to the full podcast the KCRW website. Image courtesy of Tra Publishing