US BUILDERS REVIEW Profiles Oppenheim Architecture’s Commitment to Harmonious Design

Oppenheim Architecture . . . Designing Harmonious Spaces That Synchronize Man & Nature, Produced by Brandon Bagley and Written by Tom Faunce

Fall 2016, Edition II

“ . . . The approach that [Chad] Oppenheim and [Oppenheim Architecture] take to design is one that implements strategies that are more primitive than modern techniques. Oppenheim Architecture utilizes materials within a building’s surroundings in order to generate harmony with its surroundings. [‘]That’s really what interests us as a firm,[’] says Oppenheim. [‘]It’s not just about chasing LEED credits. What we really try to do is make the setting of our buildings better than they were before.[’]

With sustainability efforts in mind, Oppenheim views his company’s technique as a way of designing a structure that [‘]disappears[’] within its surroundings. [‘]We want the architecture to amplify and be a part of nature while never hurting it,[’] Oppenheim elaborates. [‘]We have one strategy: to enhance life. We are always discovering new ways to be more sustainable and utilize the environment to assist our work and facility.[’] . . . ”

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