THE REAL DEAL – Oppenheim Architecture’s “Spirit of Place” explores new terrain for design

18 July 2018

By: Kathryn Brenzel

“Not every architect would choose to express his work through a haiku about dunes.

But Oppenheim Architecture’s new book ‘Spirit of Place’ does just that — along with 17-syllable meditations on the desert, sea, peninsulas, canyons, rivers and streams.

‘I really appreciated the simplicity and elegance of reducing things down to their essence,’ Chad Oppenheim, principal of his eponymous firm, told The Real Deal. ‘The haiku is saying more with less.’

This is a prevailing theme of the book, which is dominated by more than 500 pictures of the firm’s proposed and completed projects. The images literally speak for themselves — since text in the tome is sparse. The idea is for readers to immerse themselves in the various terrain . . . “

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