ROBB REPORT UK features Bal Harbour House in “Rise of the Super House”

By: Alex Bagner, Photos: Karen Fuchs

Issue 6

“ . . . This is superhouse living, as envisaged by Miami-based architect Chad Oppenheim, [Founder and Principal of Oppenheim Architecture,] who creates what have been described as ‘unapologetically extraordinary’ properties, including the LA home of Transformers director Michael Bay and projects for Pharrell Williams. Known for blending modernism with monumentalism and a sensitivity to the way design sits within the natural world, Oppenheim speaks of ‘design solutions to enhance life’.

In many ways his ethos is a useful starting point for anyone wanting to create their own house: if you’re building a bespoke home, every single thing about it should make your life better – more functional, more aesthetically pleasing, more pleasurable. . . . ”

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