1,500,000 SF Mixed Use, Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Interior Design, Sustainability

Architecture, Interior Design

Dubai, UAE

The site is a parcel of land directly facing the Persian Gulf with a park on one side and the density of the development on the remaining two sides. The program area of 1.5 million square feet consists of high-end residential units, serviced residential units, hotel, retail, service areas, and parking. The concept for the design solution is to locate the mass of the building along two sides of the site perimeter, allowing a maximum open area of the site to be utilized for pools, gardens, and outdoor spaces. This configuration of the program also allows each unit to have a direct view of the ocean. Formally, the building appears as a sculpted mass. Its jewel-like, faceted fa√ßade diminishes the scale of the building, offering unique visual experiences of the project from every angle. Manifested as a response to the site’s conditions versus an explicit expression of the region’s historic stipulations, the building articulates itself primarily in accordance with the maximization of views, resulting in a crescent form. The configuration is then further developed to accommodate the separation of programmatic entities such as the hotel and the residences as well as circulation nodes, through the strategic faceting of the crescent form. Carefully positioned voids further evolve the building by creating critical visual and physical access portals which simultaneously lure cool breezes through the structure.

Through the combination of the building’s crescent form and the implementation of a faceted geometric logic which integrates a multiperformance brise soleil system, the two organizations concurrently work to shade the front of the edifice during the hottest hours of the day while exploiting the sun’s direct rays on its back fa√ßade to generate solar powered energy. The faceting and brise soliel system further contribute by providing intra-unit visual privacy whilst framing the splendid views throughout. Issues of sustainability have governed the building’s design adamantly by opportunistically and inconspicuously incorporating passive design strategies into the scheme such as solar shading, evaporative cooling, solar PV panels, solar hot water and vertical axis wind turbines, harnessing the environments resources in order to yield a more self sustainable living experience. Other integral systems deployed towards complete self-sustenance include various methods for the reuse of grey water flowing through the site and also high efficiency plumbing and lighting fixtures. The proposed site plan effectively borrows from the adjacent green area and the beach, expanding these spaces by loosening the site boundaries, invigorating the project’s center with lush landscaping and an array of delectable pools. Nestled within this luxuriant natural setting is a string of varied experiences ranging from a curated retail bazaar, handpicked restaurants, a beach club and a wellness center to indulge all whims.

Dbox, Luxigon

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