1,700,000 SF Mixed Use, Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Master Planning

Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning

Key Biscayne, Florida, USA

Commissioned through a limited competition the project was conceived to provide the lightest possible footprint and most porous massing while affording all units unencumbered views towards the ocean. This was ultimately achieved through a thorough analysis and mediation of specific client requirements, site, environmental and market driven exigencies. Aesthetically the skin hybridizes the Florida, specifically Key Biscayne vernacular, and contemporary notions of breathable skins. The cladding of each of the six towers responds to the need to maintain unrestricted views while adequately responding to various climactic concerns. The result is an assemblage of towers wherein the specific requirements of each unit has the ability to register on the façade creating random yet rhythmic variations. Additionally, to provide all the open areas and public spaces with spectacular panoramas of the shores of Key Biscayne a new ground plane was created. Consequently, a new subterranean zone emerged in which all the operational requirements could be neatly concealed and efficiently arranged.

The amalgamation of this approach results in a porous field of six towers all with views to the ocean and a landscape that gently introduces one to the waters of Key Biscayne.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Carl Römer
Project Contributors: Kevin McMorris, Juan López, Carolina Jaimes, Cyril Manyara, Fred Botelho, Germán Brun, Hugo Mijares, Jacobus Bruyning, Jessica Santaniello Barrera, Lizmarie Esparza, Manuel Morales, Jose Ortez, Camilo Orozco

Renderers: Dbox

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