Multi-family, Residential


Ronco, Ticino – Switzerland

Located along the shores of Lake Maggiore in Switzerland’s Italian speaking Ticino region with a climate that is more Mediterranean than Alpine, the project is nestled amongst the natural rock face cliffs and vineyards high above the lake’s sun sparkled surface.

With a program which includes four luxury apartments, one fully restored “Rustico” guest house, and three modern single-family villas each, five outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, and two fully functioning outdoor kitchen / grill areas, in addition to a two-story indoor parking garage that is fully-integrated into the hillside, the project will be a premiere luxury address in the area.

The project derives its programmatic distribution and hillside integration from a combination of site topographical conditions and zoning regulations, both of which have been utilized as an “advantage” by the design team to create a project that is dynamic and exciting, combining the local building typologies of the Vineyard and Palazzo in Architecture which aims to build with nature, as opposed to on top of it.

Materials used (natural stone, locally sourced timber, weathered steel) continue along the theme of natural integration, and work together to create project that enjoys modern forms, yet feels warm, inviting, and not out-of-place adjacent to the existing architectural fabric of the area. Integrated within the architecture un-obtrusively are thoroughly modern construction elements that enable the project to achieve a “Minergiegebäude” rating, or the equivalent of LEED status.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Beat Huesler
Project Contributors: Tom McKeogh, Anthony Cerasoli, Dennise Castillo, Aleksandra Melion

Renderers: Luxigon

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