11,326 SF, Multi Family


Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The site of the project is located in the Arts District of Miami Beach. The residential project is nestled among important city buildings including the Miami City Ballet, the Bass Museum, and the Miami Beach Library. Because of its position, the form of the townhouse project acts as a gateway to Miami Beach and contributes to the future growth of this upcoming area of the City.

The program of the project consists of two luxury town homes with enclosed parking spaces and private roof-top pools. Each owner has a private entry garden along with mid-level spacious verandas. The intention of the project is to limit the impact on the neighborhood and its streets by creating 2 high-end residences as opposed to 20 smaller units of 550 square foot that could have been designed on the property.

Derived from proportions and scale of the neighborhood buildings, the structure is defined by the restrictions of the site. The odd shaped site is bordered by one of the original canals of Miami Beach. The rear elevation of the structure sits elegantly along this edge opening up with glass while the front façade is more solid picking up context clues from the adjacent building.

The structure incorporates abstract notions of its context through the use of patterns, colors, and textures. The floral screen which conceals the garage takes its inspiration from the bas relief of the neighboring historic building. The urban void above denotes volumetrics of the dynamic new modern architecture surrounding the project.

Ken Hayden

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