60,000 SF Multi-family Condominium Building

Architecture, Interior Design

Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

Asbury Park’s distinctive location, colorful history, and vibrant culture have culminated in a rich urban fabric: an eclectic combination of iconic structures, architectural styles, and unique materials. The Waterfront District contains many significant examples of historic buildings harmoniously existing alongside more recent interpretations of modern design. The design of the Monroe Condominiums continues this architectural heritage through a fresh, refined vision of urban life. This building is literally a framework for modern living, composed at a scale to respect its neighbors, and assembled from a palette of materials inspired by its context. The façade’s cast-stone veneer pays tribute to the classic stone-clad structures like the grand Convention Hall, while the wood panel infill takes inspiration from the famous boardwalk itself. Other façade materials, such as stainless steel cable, utilize current technology to promote modern detailing. As encouraged by the Asbury Park’s Waterfront Redevelopment Guideline, the massing of the Monroe Condominiums completely defines the block perimeter, obscuring the parking from public view. Ground floor residential units, slightly elevated from the sidewalk for privacy, reinforce a connection to the street and encourage pedestrian activity. Large outdoor rooms in every unit are a feature to enhance quality of living and allow residents to visually express their individuality through personal design choices. Generous roof terraces provide amazing city views and further encourage the concept of outdoor living. The Monroe Condominiums will be a proud addition the Asbury Park tradition of building – a design grounded in the past, yet poised as a bridge to the future.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Kevin Heidorn
Project Contributors: Alex Lozano, Olivier Montfort, Yoko Shimajuko, Liduam Pong

Renders: Methonoia

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