600,000 SF Mixed Use, Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial,
Re Use


Marco Island, Florida, USA

Marco Island, the largest land mass of the Ten Thousand Islands archipelago, is a quaint village amidst a fantastic ecological sanctuary teaming with flora and fauna. Situated at the intersection of the largest national park in the country, the Everglades; and one of the most beautiful beach fronts in North America, the island maintains a harmonious equilibrium of man-made and natural environments.

With its dramatic presence and classic lines, the architecture of the resort integrates and enhances the surrounding environment– setting up moments to appreciate and amplify nature’s rhythms and wonders. Through a few powerful yet simple gestures; the architecture captures the essence and easiness of the Gulf Coast Florida lifestyle.

Five rectilinear volumes of similar width and diverse proportion position themselves dynamically around the site to optimize vistas of the beach for every residence. Lush tropical landscaping and pools cascade towards the Gulf as they weave through the architecture generating exterior rooms and gardens to absorb the delightful climate and setting.

The residences are configured for optimal openness to the environment by merging large interior and exterior rooms that blur the line between inside and out. Floor to ceiling glass walls inundate the residence with abundant vistas and fresh sea breezes– while providing ample space for relaxing and entertaining. The interior of the residences are sincere to a Gulf Coast beach lifestyle with comfortable furnishings, natural materials, and a fresh color palette.

Dbox, Cheryl Stieffel, New York Focus

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