552,642 SF Mix Used, Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Interior Design

Architecture, Interior Design

Dubai, UAE

This mixed-use development takes a more self assured approach, moving beyond the one-dimensional landmark fetish and desire for iconography, to arrive at an architecture that is simultaneously sensual, sustainable, and sensible; establishing a guest experience second to none. Conceived of as crystalline volumes of varying height wrapped in an ornamental lattice, our proposal extracts the essence of the site, capitalizing on its potential to deliver pleasure and delight, in turn maximizing return on investment. Through a thorough investigation of the site and the views offered, our proposal takes as a point of departure a fragmentation of the rectangular plan suggested by the site constraints in both plan and section established by the single room module. The formal displacement allows each unit to get the best possible views while permitting perpetually sought after levels of privacy. The voids generated by these shifts also provide opportunities for intimate private gardens that offer a spatial experience towards the sublime. Finding further inspiration in the function and elegance of Islamic minarets, the proposal also shifts vertically further enhancing the experiences of the gardens as well as providing opportunities for the integration of various devices geared towards the overall sustainability of the project.

A latticed veil, informed by the beauty of Islamic geometries, serves as brise soleil. This contextually passive response to the environment alludes to cultural ornamentation while ultimately generating construction and energy savings. Additionally the crystalline nature of the proposal with surfaces that have a mirage like response to light points to an attempted dissolution of the building mass therein eliminating any possibility of it being visually over imposing. The project is both ecologically and socially attuned, beneficial to human and environmental conditions that are progressive, yet derived from the ingenuities of the past. Nestled courtyards, interior and rooftop gardens, compositionally compelling, the towers establish a harmony of proportion and experience at various scales. The architecture and urban strategy is elegant and efficient, conceived to enhance the experience of both guest and participant (of the commercial and cultural components). Capitalizing on the location, the architecture is nestled within verdant gardens and establishes a sensible landmark at the end of the park.

Olalekan Jeyifous

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