650,000 SF Multi Family, Interior Design

Architecture, Interior Design

Miami, Florida, USA

Element is an ethereal crystalline tower that is a harmonic fusion of exterior and interior space into a sensual melding of pure form and simple, elegant structure. It’s a transparent, soaring glass sheath distinctively encased in an articulated shell whose widely-spaced columns create apertures that frame fragments of visual beauty and allow floods of brilliant light to define the interior spaces.

The constant play of light and shadow defies gravity-Element appears to float weightlessly above the cerulean waters of Sapphire Bay. The lush greenery and bright tropical flowers of the designer gardens at its base become an integral part of the structure itself in the double height terrace that wraps the central core of the tower on the fourth and fifth levels-a fantasy of Sky Gardens, pavilions and limpid pools that completes the seamless integration of exterior and interior volumes.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Juan Calvo
Project Contributors: Chris Middleton, Giovana Henao, Kevin McMorris, Ilona Mattli Rodrigo Londoño, Juan López. In association with Walter Chatham & Evans Simpson

Renderers: Dbox

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