240,000 SF Mixed Use, Multi Family, Commercial, Interior Design

Architecture, Interior Design

Miami, Florida, USA

Cube represents the next frontier in multifamily high-rise housing in urban areas.

A dramatic and elemental steel infrastructure creates the possibility for ultimate volumetric flexibility where the homeowner can customize spatial prerogatives. Rising 22 stories over the design district in Miami, Florida‚ Cube promotes its occupants to design their own domain with the possibility of connecting multiple cube modules vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in addition to creating double height volumes, garden voids and cantilevered living environments. Generated by desire and need rather than architectural assumption, the volumetric play of the building creates intriguing arrangements of solid and void‚ a true interactive architecture.

Live-work environments engage the street creating a dynamic arcade for pedestrian enjoyment. Metallic screens of varying porosity and pattern distort the reading of the garage creating a reflective urban mosaic. A rooftop pool and activity zone occupies interstitial spaces captured between interior and exterior‚ creating exciting urban rooms that activate the street and enliven the imagination.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Carlos Ramos
Project Contributors: Giovana Henao, Kevin McMorris, Juan López, Carla Urreiztieta, Camilo Orozco, Ana Maria Calle, Rodrigo Londoño

Renderers: Dbox

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