14,500 SF Private Home


Coral Gables, Florida, USA

The house is located in the Gables Estates community, a traditional residential area in the city of Coral Gables.

The volume of the building is fragmented into three smaller volumes following the shape of the site, looking for the best configuration for views, and to allow for a programmatic differentiation that generates spaces with different characters. At the ground level the south volume houses the family areas, the central volume the formal areas, and the north volume the guest areas.

The design works with the idea of a transition from solid to open on the elevations, having the most solid faces at the entrance of the property towards the south where the most privacy is needed, and the most transparent faces on the back of the house where the openness is needed. This also allows the house to be protected from the south sun light and open taking advantage of the north light. All the service rooms are located on the sides in order to achieve full transparency in the volumes from one end to the other.

The project looks forward to merging with the natural surrounding environment and in doing so it proposes the use of natural materials such as coral stone and wood for the exteriors and interiors. Energy efficiency is also a key element in the design and green strategies are used throughout the house to provide a high level of comfort. These strategies include the use of large overhangs for shadows and natural lighting, and the use of solar panels and energy efficient fixtures.

Oppenheim Architecture + Design

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