36,865,000 SF Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Master Planning

Architecture, Master Planning

Doha, Qatar

This is both a master planning and urban design project for the AI Wakrah Waterfront Development. AI Wakrah is to be a high-end community that includes superior-level projects of special nature and of interest to certain governmental and civic entities of the state, as well as containing other social projects of interest and benefit to the Qatari society. The AI Wakrah Waterfront City is located on the east coast of Qatar to the south of Doha city. The area is currently undergoing a renovation from the old traditional town next to AI-Wakrah jetty. This project is in its final stage. The vision of the master plan and urban design is to redevelop the waterfront of AI Wakrah City, which is approximately 3 miles long from end to end. The design proposes developing an efficient utilization of this longitudinal strip of coastal land which includes an extension of the traditional town, a workshop for traditional ships and boats, a location for the Coast Guard, marinas and jetties, locations for the Customs Department and the Fisheries Department, cafeterias and restaurants, a hotel, recreational facilities, and other facilities that will serve to attract tourism business and visitors. In collaboration with Studio LFA

Michael McCann

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