Site Area 1,022,571 SF, Gross Floor Area 2,152,782,080 SF. 25 Towers, 60 Three Story Townhouses Multi Family, Commercial, Master Planning

Architecture, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture

Xiamen, China

Huxindao delivers new luxury to Xiamen, a city known for delightful living. The luxurious lifestyle is defined by the satisfaction of all aspirations and the integration of all the comforts life has to offer, in the right measure. Oppenheim derives inspiration for this proposal from the Wu Xing or five movements or elements. In this vision for Huxindao we do not impose a set preference but rather offer a distinct palette of lifestyles suited to every preference.

In Huxindao, once a lifestyle environment is selected, this will be the pleasing frame of everyday life, but all the other environmental amenities and services continue to be available for daily enjoyment to everyone in the Huxindao community. Our approach is to organize all components of this new community creating five distinctive neighborhoods. Each neighborhood presents a distinct environment, each is aligned with one of the five movements or Wu Xing and satisfies its residents with full amenities and comforts and fist-rate accommodations. A multitude of gardens, parks and additional facilities located throughout the site provides other environments of distinct design of great diversity.

Huxindao offers a complete, varied and rich set of living environments while providing great balance and convenience for a most luxurious lifestyle. From the comfort and intimacy of the household to the sumptuous and diverse amenities, every aspect has been considered to satisfy all needs and wants. Huxindao will simply be the ultimate luxury address in the city of delightful living.


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