Oppenheim Architecture to teach this Fall at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art & Planning

Oppenheim Architecture staff from the firm’s Miami and Basel offices, including Chad Oppenheim, Beat Huesler and Tom McKeogh, will lead a studio entitled “(Co)Exist” this Fall at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art & Planning. Oppenheim and Huesler return to the school’s Ithaca, New York campus as esteemed alumni to teach this course that addresses man’s increasingly adversarial and unsustainable relationship with the natural world. The studio looks to disrupt established and contemporary structures, hierarchies, and systems.

As the number of humans on the planet exceeds 7.5 billion, technological advancements facilitate the efficient exploitation of nature at an industrial scale — all in the name of progress. If we do not create countermeasures to combat the cartel of destructive forces harming our planet, the future will be less habitable for our species. (Co)Exist recalibrates the notion of destruction through construction, and craft experiences that connect us more viscerally with the world around us.

Learn more about this course on the Cornell AAP website

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