BLACKBOOK features Chad Oppenheim and Monroe Condominiums project

Chad Oppenheim Leaves Mark On Asbury Park’s Waterfront With Monroe, by Glenn Garner

14 December 2016

” . . . Expanding on [T]he [Asbury] [H]otel’s presence in the waterfront revitalization is Monroe, a new luxury residence helmed by world-renowned architect Chad Oppenheim. A New Jersey native who grew up just 20 minutes outside of Asbury Park, he was the perfect choice to design the property.

[‘]An opportunity to connect with someone like Chad and bring him back to his roots, it’s just something you don’t pass up,[‘] [Brian] Cheripka said. [‘]He gets the Jersey Shore experience. And for us, it’s about elevating the architectural style. So that’s why Monroe is very different.[‘]

For Oppenheim, the architectural style is something he wanted to preserve. Having gone on to design structures in 23 countries, he wanted to put a unique touch on the Asbury Park waterfront without straying from the Asbury aesthetic. He even took inspiration from local architecture, paying tribute to the  wooden planks from the boardwalk and stones from old local buildings to create an elegant reference to the city’s vibrant architectural history.

[‘]We really wanted to make it fit in, be a good neighbor,[‘] Oppenheim said. [‘]We didn’t want to overdo it in terms of making a contextual statement. The statement was more that Asbury is special already, and how can we just add to that instead of revolutionizing it? It was more evolutionary rather than revolutionary.[‘] . . . ”

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