BAUNETZ WISSEN features Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse

February 2020

Organically Shaped Concrete Shell As If It Were Growing Out Of The Ground

“In an area that is characterized by desert and barren landscapes, a golf course looks like a place from another world. . . . The contrast to the stony-sandy Arava desert and the surrounding mountain landscape could not be greater.

Two organically shaped structures on the golf course designed by Oppenheim Architecture nevertheless refer to the surrounding nature with their design and seem to incorporate their shapes and colors. In the larger building, which functions as a kind of clubhouse, you will find a restaurant, training rooms, sales areas, changing rooms as well as sanitary and wellness areas. The smaller building accommodates additional toilet areas and also offers rest and relaxation options.”

Read the full article on the Baunetz Wissen website.

Photo Credit: Rory Gardiner

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