BAUNETZ features Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse

18 June 2019

Golfing in the Jordanian desert sand

“For the southern part of the country around Aqaba, the only Jordanian city with access to the sea, it is even the first golf course ever. Right on the border with Israel, between Eilat, its new airport recently opened, the Red Sea and the Jordanian desert is the 430-acre area. The Ayla Oasis Development Company is developing an area with sports facilities, beach club, harbor, hotel and commercial space, restaurants and apartments, the first phase of which is now completed. In the center: the 18-hole golf course. The associated buildings – clubhouse, golf academy and two smaller service buildings – come from the US office Oppenheim Architecture (Miami / Basel).”

Read the full article on the BauNetz website.

Photo Credit: Rory Gardiner

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