ARCHITECTURAL RECORD features Muttenz Water Purification Plant

29 March 2019

By: Andrew Ayers

“‘This project started with a disaster,’ says Beat Huesler, head of Oppenheim Architecture’s Swiss office, about the boulder-like 20,000-square-foot water-treatment plant his firm recently completed in Muttenz, a municipality bordering Basel on the River Rhine. He’s referring to the 1986 Sandoz agrochemical fire, which caused tons of pollutants to enter the river—the principal source of drinking water for half a million people. The political fallout eventually resulted in Muttenz’s separating its water system from Basel’s and building its own filtration plant on a protected-forest site. Under the area’s strict environmental and building standards, typical industrial materials that might contaminate the stored water are prohibited. Oppenheim was hired to design an external envelope that would not only conform to code, but also blend in with the natural surroundings.”

Read the full article on the Architectural Record website.

Photo Credit: Börje Müller

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