ARCHINECT – Searching for the Elemental and Straight-Forward with Oppenheim Architecture

14 February 2020

By: Antonio Pacheco

“The firm . . . is going strong after two decades of hard work, according to founder Chad Oppenheim, mainly because it allows the design team ‘to do projects the way we wanted to.’ Oppenheim adds, ‘The practice is much more about creating a platform for expression.’

That expression might take the shape of a high-rise, glass-walled condominium tower, a concrete-walled office complex, or even, a beautifully sculptural waste water treatment plant. Regardless, what results is sure to enliven the senses and increasingly, bring new energy to surrounding areas, whether that is Miami’s Design District or a remote landscape in Bali. As Oppenheim explains in our latest Studio Snapshot, ‘Our aim is always to try to secretly insert ourselves into these landscapes, surgically placing ourselves to create monumentally silent buildings that amplify the site and its sensitivities.'”

Read the full interview on the Archinect website.

Photo Credit: Karen Fuchs

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